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The Cause Of Your Problems Are Not ‘Out There’

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 14 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'The Cause Of Your Problems Are Not Out There'. In this episode I talk about how important it is to own our reactions and take our power back.

Topics covered:

  • Why the outer world is merely a reflection of the inner world
  • How embracing the outer inside of us brings a sense of inner peace
  • Why the atrocities are the world can be brought into balance internally
  • Discover how challenging noise mirrors the inner voice Read the rest of this entry »

Everything Happens At The Right Moment

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 13 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Everything Happens At The Right Moment'. In this episode I talk about how hard it is to let go of expectations and why when we let go, life happens.

Topics covered:

  • Why when we are desperately wanting something we are pushing it away
  • How moving our attention away can help life unfold more gracefully
  • Why nature can teach us how to stay in the flow
  • Discover the fact that sometimes we don't actually want what we think we want Read the rest of this entry »

Why You Can’t Drink From An Empty Cup

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 12 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'You Can't Drink From An Empty Cup'. In this episode I talk how being a giver can be toxic sometimes and why it is important to take care of self first.

Topics covered:

  • Why people don't need rescuing or saving
  • How the roles we play are a choice
  • Why saying YES is a responsibility
  • Discover the shifts that can take place when you take care of you first. Read the rest of this entry »

Let Go Of People Who Stop Your Flow

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 11 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Let Go Of People Who Stop Your Flow'. In this episode I talk about how holding onto relationships or friendships can actually inhibit our growth in other areas of our lives.

Topics covered:

  • Why the wrong relationships can hold us back
  • How letting go of people does not equal loneliness
  • Why respect goes both ways
  • Discover the opportunities you receive from clearing the decks of what no longer works Read the rest of this entry »

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