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Is Your Focus On The Past Or Future Exhausting Your Now?

When does focusing on the future dreams become dangerous? Are you sacrificing your NOW to an imaginary future or trying to escape your present? In this episode I talk about why it's important to become very aware so we can regain our life energy from the past or future.

Is Your Painful Addiction To Struggle Holding You Back?

Do you feel like you have been struggling for a very long time? Does struggle feel more comfortable than ease? Perhaps you are addicted and you don't know why? Listen to Episode 68 where I speak more about having an addiction to struggle and how we can begin to change this.

Why Is It So Hard To Share My Mental Health Struggle?

In this weeks episode a listener asked the question 'Why are we reluctant to tell people we are struggling and what's the worst that could happen?' So I dig deep to see why we do this, what can we do differently, how can we receive the support we need when we are struggling with mental health issues. If you would like an episode dedicated to you, please email me at

Are You Scared to Accept Your Wounds?

Do you think you're ready to face your wounds? Is there any reason that you may be too scared to? And are there any secondary benefits to remaining where you are? In this episode I discuss wounding and how sometimes what we fear may be very different to be believe on a conscious level.

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What If Your Inability To Receive Is From Past Trauma?

Have you wrestled hard against the fact that receiving has become almost impossible? Be it love, money, feedback, acknowledgement? What if your inability to receive comes down to a deep intrinsic feeling of 'valuelessness' born from early life events and trauma?

Are You Holding On To Life Roles That You Need To Change?

We live in a world where we have many roles, but what if the roles we are playing are no longer serving us? What if those roles are actually not only holding us back but keeping us separate from loved ones or the potential for love in our lives?

In This Time Of Chaos What Do We Need To Do?

Some say the apocalypse is coming, others feel we are heading towards greatness and in the middle are those responding and reflecting. What do you do when the world seems like it is in chaos and everyone is triggered and reacting? How do we as a human species move forward in a positive way?

Don’t Live in The Future

We can all dream about the future, but when does dreaming become dangerous? And how can we keep dreaming without drowning in disappointment?

I also talk about:

  • Why dreaming is not a bad thing
  • How the essence of those wants and dreams hold the key
  • Why we must consider what we have here now for true happiness and so much more...

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Is The Fairy Tale Idea Ruining Your Relationships?

Are fairy tale stories killing your relationships? In this podcast I talk about how our unconscious story telling is stopping us from evolving and growing in relationships and sometimes making us run and flee. I also talk about....

  • Why we overlook the unticked boxes
  • How if we had the fairy tale we would all die of boredom
  • Why we must release the fairy tale
  • Why the honeymoon period is meant to come to an end
  • How to use this as a teaching tool and so much more...




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Why Are We All Being Triggered Right Now?

In episode 60 I talk about many difficult topics. Why world conflict and challenges are triggering so many of us right now. I talk about repressed pain, volcanic eruptions taking place through people and...

  • Why repressed fears are being projected through our leaders
  • How our leaders like Trump, Boris Johnson and more are not responsible but a representation of a huge energy shift taking place, while they may be fuelling conflict, it is our own inner world that is calling out for attention
  • Why we will continue to project onto others and encounter conflict until we own it and become fully empowered
  • Why the loss of identity and fear of death is catalysing conflict right now
  • How a sense of a loss of power is creating a desire to control our reality and so much more...

PLEASE NOTE: I do talk about Donald Trump, guns, the 'Me Too' movement, Civil War, the opposition, prejudice and more. No judgements of what is right or wrong, simply an overview and conversation on what could be taking place right now for us all and how to limit our triggers.

Sources mentioned in this podcast:

Kari Hohne quote - Cafe Au Soul


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