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How Can We Have Unity in A Divided World?

Are you drained because of the entire Brexit torture saga? Are you in the USA in real emotional pain due to politics? Or do you feel you have lost your national identity and don't know how to cope with what is happening in the world right now? Todays podcast helps address key events taking place on the planet and also helps you to find inner balance and unity during such events.

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Why Death Is A Call to Life

We all experience death, but how many of us take it seriously? We may see someone has died and think 'You never know when it is going to happen' and we go about our daily life, but what if death could be a call to life like you never imagined it could be?

When People in Pain Lash Out

How do we handle people who attack us? Why do people in pain lash out? In the current state of chaotic world events what is truly happening in the world on social media and how can we better take care of our own inner world during a time like this?

Is Your Focus On The Past Or Future Exhausting Your Now?

When does focusing on the future dreams become dangerous? Are you sacrificing your NOW to an imaginary future or trying to escape your present? In this episode I talk about why it's important to become very aware so we can regain our life energy from the past or future.

Is Your Painful Addiction To Struggle Holding You Back?

Do you feel like you have been struggling for a very long time? Does struggle feel more comfortable than ease? Perhaps you are addicted and you don't know why? Listen to Episode 68 where I speak more about having an addiction to struggle and how we can begin to change this.

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