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When the World Is Upside Down and Inside Out

This podcast begins with laughter, because like many, my life is feeling very topsy turvy right now. If you are struggling with your life or world right now, this episode is for you. Visit for the full transcript (minus laughter)

Are Painful Judgements Holding You Back in Life?

The whole world seems to be lost in judgements right now, but are judgements holding you back in life? In this epsiode I talk all about judgements, the good and the bad. Visit to read the full transcript or to donate. 

How to Change a Suicidal Mind During the Pandemic Crisis

Feeling suicidal during lockdown, the Coronavirus pandemic or during ordinary life challenges is really hard. I know depression very well. This episode will help support you during this time. For the full transcript visit

Why Bowing Down to Demanding People Is Unhealthy

With a lot of people bowing down right now, in this podcast I ask, is it right? Is it healthy? When does submitting to demands end? Visit for the full transcript

Are External World Problems Making You Avoid Your Own?

Does it feel like there is so much going on in the world and so many things grabbing your attention? Have you considered you may be distracting yourself from real life changes? If so this episode is for you. Visit to read the transcript.

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