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How To Accept That People Are Self-Centred

Relating to others can be hard, but what do we do when it appears we have been in relationship or working with self-centred or self-absorbed people? And when the business, project or relationship ends, how do we handle this experience? This episode will show you how. The full transcript is available at

Being Grateful For The Pain Journey

How can you feel grateful for the pain journey? What is there to be grateful for? In this episode I talk a little about my own gratitude for my current pain journey and also share an inspirational message from someone who has gone through great loss.

Is The Fairy Tale Idea Ruining Your Relationships?

Are fairy tale stories killing your relationships? In this podcast I talk about how our unconscious story telling is stopping us from evolving and growing in relationships and sometimes making us run and flee. I also talk about....

  • Why we overlook the unticked boxes
  • How if we had the fairy tale we would all die of boredom
  • Why we must release the fairy tale
  • Why the honeymoon period is meant to come to an end
  • How to use this as a teaching tool and so much more...




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Is a Habit or Relationship In Need of a Time Out?

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 41 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Is a Habit or Relationship in need of a time out?'. In this episode I talk about letting go of people or patterns.

  • Why letting go can bring new opportunities
  • How to embrace solitude as sacred
  • Why we need go inward after a long period going outward
  • How letting go can be a time to have your own back...and so much more!

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