Kelly Martin Speaks

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October 2, 2018

Kelly Martin Speaks

A podcast bringing self-compassion and self-acceptance teachings to listeners


Hi there, I'm Kelly Martin, your host for 'Kelly Martin Speaks'. I am the author 'When Everyone Shines But You', Ex-Producer of 'Peace Within Radio', Blogger at Kelly Martin Speaks and a regular Facebook Live teacher over at Kelly Martin Speaks on Facebook.

Recently I was called 'a soother' I have never been called this before and I realised that my bare-bones way of speaking and teaching soothes because I come from the mud in how I share what I am learning. Unlike many teachers or podcasters I have no formula, no box for my way of speaking and I am thick in the mud like the lotus, growing, expanding and sharing from the hard stuff of life - when I am still in the hard stuff.

The saying 'We teach what we need to learn' is something I am always doing. I am learning as I speak and like many listening I have experienced mental health issues like deep intense anxiety, depression and feelings of failure. What comes from me is a raw vulnerable heart message and I hope that you enjoy what you hear.

At the moment I live in the UK in a place called Gloucester (where Harry Potter was filmed) and I often feel like I am on the periphery of the norm, often expressing controversial ideas in new and very human ways. 

Each episode will support your journey and I will be on this journey with you.

All my love