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Ho’oponopono - How To Heal and Love Your Life

Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian tradition that sometimes confuses people on how to do it, how does it work, why use it? In this episode I talk about this healing tradition and the benefits from working with it. For the full transcript visit

When Commitment Knocks at The Door

Do you think you self-sabotage a lot? Is the need for a quick fix something that has driven you for too long and you want to be able to embrace the process, commit to something, even if it is uncomfortable at times? This episode will support you in doing so.

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How To Accept That People Are Self-Centred

Relating to others can be hard, but what do we do when it appears we have been in relationship or working with self-centred or self-absorbed people? And when the business, project or relationship ends, how do we handle this experience? This episode will show you how. The full transcript is available at

Are My Sinuses Expressing Hidden Emotional Pain?

Have you ever considered that your sinuses could be carrying some hidden emotional pain? What if grief or loneliness were the cause for your physical symptoms? What about the 'common cold'? What if the cure for the common cold is emotionally based? Find out more in this thought provoking podcast episode.

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