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Success and Freedom - What Is It?

(LAST EPISODE - taking a mental health sabbatical for a time, thank you for listening)

This episode is a bit of an emotional one for me, I woke up in tears this morning and the 'failure story versus the success story' was loud and very painful. This episode is for you if you struggle with success. Full transcript and the contest I mentioned on my blog Kelly Martin Speaks

Feeling Disturbed by The State of The World?

Chaos, divisions, a world that appears to be falling apart, how do we cope right now? Women being erased, riots, looting, defund the police, election, Brexit, black versus white, left versus feels really uncomfortable and unnerving. If you feel disturbed, this episode is for you. FULL TRANSCRIPT available on

Is It Time To Trust The Plan?

Is life feeling a bit chaotic and disrupted right now? Or do you simply want to know that there is a plan to everything? This episode is for you. Visit for the full transcript 

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