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How To Journey Through The Spiritual Void

May 3, 2018

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 2 of Podcast For The Soul, 'How To Journey Through The Spiritual Void'. In this episode I take you through the spiritual void which can sometimes feel like the dark night of the soul. A time when the new is forming but you are not quite freed of the past.

In this episode show host Kelly Martin takes you through the journey through the spiritual void and how it can be a challenging experience and can bring up feelings of an identity crisis.

Topics covered:

  • One foot in the old story and one foot in the new
  • Life changes that can bring about the spiritual void
  • The symptoms of the spiritual void
  • How the lost feeling is all part of it
  • Learning how to simply keep walking forward


The music played at the beginning and end of this podcast was by Jason Shaw – Song: River Meditation underCreative Commons 3.0 License

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