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How To Use Envy As A Tool

May 10, 2018

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 3 of Podcast For The Soul, 'How To Use Envy As A Tool'. In this episode I take you through how painful envy (jealousy) can feel and how to come through envy and use it as a transformational tool.

In this episode show host Kelly Martin takes you through her intense journey through envy and how it can stop us pursuiing our goals and dreams and how to see it differently.

Topics covered:

  • How envy can stop you in your tracks
  • Why we are deeply triggered when comparing with others
  • The symptoms of envy
  • How mindfulness can help you discover the gifts in envy
  • Learn how to see the triggers as signals to take new steps forward


The music played at the beginning and end of this podcast was by Jason Shaw – Song: River Meditation underCreative Commons 3.0 License

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