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Michael Doherty - How to Live Life Through the I CHING

June 7, 2018

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 7 of Kelly Martin Speaks. An interview with author of 'The I Ching' a retired mathematics and physics teacher Michael Doherty about how to live a sometimes challenging life through the ancient teachings of 'The Book of Changes'. 

Michael, turns 81 this year and has lived a life of childhood abuse, trauma and overall extreme experiences, but he found a way of living life at the age of 13 that completely changed his worldview.

In this episode Michael, in his 'Yoda-like style' talks about:

  • What the I CHING is
  • How the I CHING brought him into balance from being an excessively left-brained scientist
  • What the ego is and why we cannot get rid of it
  • Why both good and bad situations always change and go through cycles
  • Why viewing life and challenge through letting go is important
  • How the world is changing from a patriarchal society into a matriarchal society and how this links into the I CHING
  • How men are having an identity crisis and a rebalancing is occurring
  • Discover how to relate to people from a none-blaming way


The music played in the interim sections of this podcast was licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 License from Purple Planet Music

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