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Why Are We All Being Triggered Right Now?

August 8, 2019

In episode 60 I talk about many difficult topics. Why world conflict and challenges are triggering so many of us right now. I talk about repressed pain, volcanic eruptions taking place through people and...

  • Why repressed fears are being projected through our leaders
  • How our leaders like Trump, Boris Johnson and more are not responsible but a representation of a huge energy shift taking place, while they may be fuelling conflict, it is our own inner world that is calling out for attention
  • Why we will continue to project onto others and encounter conflict until we own it and become fully empowered
  • Why the loss of identity and fear of death is catalysing conflict right now
  • How a sense of a loss of power is creating a desire to control our reality and so much more...

PLEASE NOTE: I do talk about Donald Trump, guns, the 'Me Too' movement, Civil War, the opposition, prejudice and more. No judgements of what is right or wrong, simply an overview and conversation on what could be taking place right now for us all and how to limit our triggers.

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