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You Deserve Love No Matter What

May 17, 2018

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 4 of Podcast For The Soul, 'You Deserve Love No Matter What'. In this episode I take you through how sacred being human really is and why we deserve more love not less.

In this episode show host Kelly Martin takes you through her experience of emotions and pain and why it is important to have self-compassion more often than we tend to.

(Podcast name change from episode 7)

Topics covered:

  • An extract from Matt Kahn's book 'Whatever Arises Love That'
  • Why painful feelings like jealousy, anger, rage need our care and attention
  • How life breathed us into being
  • Why we are enough exactly as we are


The music played at the beginning and end of this podcast was by Jason Shaw – Song: River Meditation underCreative Commons 3.0 License

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