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Don’t Be Attached To Peaks

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 19 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Don't Be Attached To Peaks'. In this episode I talk about attachments to the ups and the downs of life.

Topics covered:

  • Why feelings like excitement and enthusiasm are not sustainable
  • How attaching to the peaks can mean the lows are more painful
  • Why when we suffer from mental health issues we can attach to the darkness too
  • Why change can feel more scary than even the hard stuff that we know

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Can You Celebrate The Down-Times?

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 18 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Celebrate The Down-Times'. In this episode I go into reason why everything is a celebration.

Topics covered:

  • Why nature celebrates it all and how we can learn from it
  • How everything passes and all needs acknowledging as worthwhile
  • Why this earth is a great teacher
  • Why celebrating it all brings you back to your inherent wholeness


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Love Your Tears and Sadness

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 17 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Love Your Tears and Sadness'. In this episode I talk about something that is difficult for many people, but an essential part of growing as a human being.

Topics covered:

  • Why treating those difficult emotions simply compounded the feelings
  • How loving the hard stuff is the greatest gift we can give ourselves
  • Why positive affirmations are unhealthy
  • Why the more we embrace these feelings, they change

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You Are Not A Failure

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 16 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'You Are Not A Failure'. In this episode I go more deeply into failure. Why failure is not failure.

Topics covered:

  • Why failure was something I chose in life 
  • How failure is a stepping stone
  • Why our failure perceptions often come from childhood
  • Why failure can ignite a new passion


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It’s Not All About Castles In The Air

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 15 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'It's Not All About Castles In The Air'. In this episode I start with a reading from the mystic Osho and go into the topic of planting seeds and goals.

Topics covered:

  • Why the seed is safe, but the growing is not
  • How procrastination can be a way we self-sabotage
  • Why our fear of success can lead to holding ourselves back
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