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Success and Freedom - What Is It?

(LAST EPISODE - taking a mental health sabbatical for a time, thank you for listening)

This episode is a bit of an emotional one for me, I woke up in tears this morning and the 'failure story versus the success story' was loud and very painful. This episode is for you if you struggle with success. Full transcript and the contest I mentioned on my blog Kelly Martin Speaks

Feeling Disturbed by The State of The World?

Chaos, divisions, a world that appears to be falling apart, how do we cope right now? Women being erased, riots, looting, defund the police, election, Brexit, black versus white, left versus feels really uncomfortable and unnerving. If you feel disturbed, this episode is for you. FULL TRANSCRIPT available on

Is It Time To Trust The Plan?

Is life feeling a bit chaotic and disrupted right now? Or do you simply want to know that there is a plan to everything? This episode is for you. Visit for the full transcript 

Are You Hiding Your Brightness?

Are you not celebrating who you are? Do you hide your talents and skills or think you have none? Maybe your creativity isn't seen because of fear or feeling not good enough. This episode is for you. Full transcript at (use search box for individual episodes)

Is it Time to Drink in the Beauty of the New?

Are you letting go of the old and stepping onto a new path? Is new terrain heading your way? Maybe it feels really odd to swap a smaller more hidden path for a brighter more visible one? If so this episode is for you. Full transcript available at

Are You A Prisoner to People Who Want You to Fail?

Do you feel stuck in life? Feel invisible? Wish you could shine but are too scared? Maybe you have people who prefer you small? If so this episode is for you. Full transcript available at

MICHAEL DOHERTY The I-CHING: Why The World Is In Crisis

Crisis and The I-CHING an Interview with Michael Doherty from The world appears to be in crisis in 2020, with riots, pandemics, culture wars, racial division, everything seems to be happening at once. In this episode Michael and I discuss the changes taking place, a deep discussion, somewhat dark in areas but gives the opportunity to find a new way of seeing this changing reality. Visit to read the full podcast transcript.

It’s Okay to Feel Lost Right Now

At this current time, with lockdown, social distancing still in place in many areas, people not working, it is very understandable that a lot of people would be feeling lost right now, are you one of these people? In this episode I talk about feeling lost, what it means and how to handle this lost feeling. Visit for the full transcript

When the Whole World Is Offended

Have you noticed an increase in people being offended lately? Is it troubling you? Are you feeling judged for not being offended in the right way? Is virtue signalling a problem? You may enjoy my 100th episode. Visit for the full transcript.

Why Being Nice and Social Conditioning Stops Self Love

Are you sick of being polite? Is it time to let the mean girl or boy out? Maybe it's time to drop social conditioning and people pleasing. This episode will inspire you. Visit for full transcription

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