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Why Our Need To Be Loved Is A Longing For Home

As Valentine's Day approaches, the subject of love may be on your mind, but what if you are single or in a difficult relationship? What if you have this inner discontent with 'what is'? Maybe you are looking for something else, a sense of home? You will find out all about this deeper desire in this weeks podcast episode.

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How To Find Your Lost Passion

Have you felt devoid of passion for a long time? Have you lost enthusiasm for life, be it because of loss or depression? What about your wanting, do you feel your wants are a lacking commitment? If so this episode is for you. Visit to read the full transcript

Ho’oponopono - How To Heal and Love Your Life

Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian tradition that sometimes confuses people on how to do it, how does it work, why use it? In this episode I talk about this healing tradition and the benefits from working with it. For the full transcript visit

Are My Sinuses Expressing Hidden Emotional Pain?

Have you ever considered that your sinuses could be carrying some hidden emotional pain? What if grief or loneliness were the cause for your physical symptoms? What about the 'common cold'? What if the cure for the common cold is emotionally based? Find out more in this thought provoking podcast episode.

Stop Apologising For Being You

Have you been apologising for being you? If you communicate in a more assertive or feisty way do you feel guilty? Maybe playing 'Mr or Mrs Nice' is making you feel angry or limited. If so this episode is for you. It is time to let your fire out.

Is Your Judgement Preventing You Receiving?

Have you ever considered that your judgements, often unconscious, may be preventing you from receiving what you want in life? What if I told you that the relationship you wanted may be hard to receive because of your views on relationships or men or women? Listen to this podcast where I go into a fear of loss and other judgements that hold us back.


Why Death Is A Call to Life

We all experience death, but how many of us take it seriously? We may see someone has died and think 'You never know when it is going to happen' and we go about our daily life, but what if death could be a call to life like you never imagined it could be?

When People in Pain Lash Out

How do we handle people who attack us? Why do people in pain lash out? In the current state of chaotic world events what is truly happening in the world on social media and how can we better take care of our own inner world during a time like this?

Why It’s A Gift To Not Know Who You Are

Episode Summary: 

Listen to episode 56 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Why It's A Gift To Not Know Who You Are'

In this episode I talk about coming to a place of transition, a blank space in life which the mind desperately wants to fill and why this place is an absolute gift!

  • Why life brings us to this place in life
  • How not knowing can reveal so much about what we need to let go of
  • Why not knowing and surrendering to this can actually be far more empowering than trying to 'power through' to a destination or to mould our lives to how we 'think' they should be and so much more...

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Why You Must Risk Failure To Know Success

Episode Summary: Listen to episode 53 of Kelly Martin Speaks, 'Why You Must Risk Failure To Know Success' In this episode I talk about taking risks and why they are important, even when they appear to not work out.

  • Why committing to something can be a risk but also is far better than regret
  • How taking risks is all about the journey rather than the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow
  • Why when risks appear to not work out they are still a success and does not mean you have failed or 'it' whatever 'it' is has failed and so much more...

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